How To Recalibrate A PS4 Controller On A PC?

If you notice a malfunction with the joysticks or buttons, a calibration of the controller is necessary.

  • In the previously opened controller properties window, activate the Settings tab and then click on the Calibrate button.
  • A configuration wizard will open. Click Next.
  • Leave the joystick alone and click Next to proceed with the centering of the directional cross (BMD).
  • Then press each of the four directional buttons once, and press any other button on the controller. Press Next again without touching anything.
  • Now rotate the right joystick in all directions. Then click Next and then Next again.
  • Now press the R2 button on the controller and move the left joystick up and down. Click Next. Do the same thing, this time pressing the L2 button.
  • Click Finish. Your controller is ready.

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